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At PDS, we recognize the importance of electronic commerce and the Internet as a part of daily business transactions. Therefore, we maintain a strict internal policy that follows legal requirements related to your privacy.

PDS and your privacy:

PDS may ask you to fill out your contact information on our website(s) to identify yourself when you:

  • Sign up for courses
  • Purchase a product
  • Download evaluation software
  • Download white papers
  • Register for events
  • Download newsletters
  • Respond to a marketing- or information campaigns
  • Place an order on one of the websites owned by PDS.

We use your personal information for the following objectives:

  1. To improve the content of our website, products and services;
  2. To notify you about product upgrades, updates and relevant information about your product(s)
  3. To give you relevant special offers, product announcements, (updated) information and other services to on behalf of PDS.
  4. To provide information to optimize your event/course experience.

Note that although email marketing is "smooth and efficient", we guard your privacy. When considering to provide you information about "product / service XYZ" we will review this as if we send a traditional post by mail (cost: 2 to 3 EUR per piece). Which forces us to make correct choices when we contact you.

PDS will take appropriate measures to protect the information you share with us. When you provide us your credit card number (and other sensitive information), PDS will take commercially reasonable steps to protect that information. Credit card numbers are used only for payment processing and will not be stored.

PDS will respect if you do not want us to contact you via e-mail, mail or telephone. You can unsubscribe by checking the footnote of every email send by PDS or by sending an e-mail, call or write. Please provide your name and email address at which you received information so we can withdraw your contact information from our system. Please be aware that after unsubscribing, you will miss out on offers, discounts, (free) access to PDS events, product updates and/or information which may be relevant to your working field.

When participating at webinars, seminars or industry events organized by PDS including, your contact information may be provided to direct event-based stakeholders (such as partners and speakers) in a limited extent (eg. Company name, email address, name) with the sole purpose to service you with relevant information. We might create video/audio productions at events. When you participate in these event, you agree that we may use these materials, which might have your image on, for communication purposes or posting on our Youtube channels. Please make it clear to the organizing staff at the start of an event if you do not agree so we can take measurements for your request.

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