crp flexerasoftware logo main  PDS is sinds 1994 de partner voor Flexera (eerder bekend als Acresso, Macrovision en daarvoor: "InstallShield").

Met uitgebreide kennis en expertise op technisch en licentie gebied is PDS de aangewezen partij rondom kennis over AdminStudio, InstallShield, FlexNet Connect, FlexNet Code Insight en AppPortal in de Benelux.

Flexera is marktleider voor strategische oplossingen op het gebied van Application Usage Management. Produkten zoals AdminStudio, FlexNet Manager en InstallShield resulteren in continue licentie compliancy, optimaal licentie gebruik en optimaal inzicht voor applicatie ontwikkelaars en haar klanten.
Meer dan 100.000 klanten vertrouwen dagelijks op de oplossingen van Flexera varierend van software ontwikkelaars voor het bouwen van setup programma's, implementeren van software licentie strategien en compliancy tot aan applicatie beheerders voor het strategisch managen van applicaties, optimaal licentie compliancy en realiseren van besparingen dankzij een optimale afstemming van applicaties in de onderneming. Het portfolio van Flexera is afgelopen jaren fors uitgebreid zodat de beheerder, software assetmanager en software ontwikkelaar slimme geintegreerde oplossingen kan betrekken van deze marktleider.

System Administrators / Virtualisation Experts
AdminStudio Logo resized AdminStudio
One Solution for Reliable MSI Packaging, Application Virtualization and Windows 10 Migration

AdminStudio allows IT to quickly prepare reliable virtual and MSI packages for error-free rollout with any software deployment solution. It also provides automated tools to ensure your application portfolio will migrate smoothly to a new OS, including Windows 10.

AS VirtPack logo Virtualisation Pack

AdminStudio Virtualization Pack prepares software for reliable application virtualization deployment for both desktop and server applications, with a complete set of virtualization suitability testing, automated conversion, validation, editing and management reporting capabilities. It automates the conversion of MSIs and legacy installers to virtual application formats, ensuring a consistent approach that is up to 9 times faster than using native tools, reducing the cost and duration of a migration project.

AS CompatPack logo AppCompat Pack

Application compatibility is the number one challenge that enterprises face in migrating to Windows 7, 10 or virtual application formats. As a result, more and more enterprises are looking for products to reduce the labor intensive steps and help automate the application compatibility testing and remediation.
AdminStudio Application Compatibility Pack reduces time and effort involved in a migration to Windows 7 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit versions) as well as Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, 2016 and Azure by automatically assessing and fixing application compatibility issues. Additionally, the Application Compatibility Pack enables enterprises to test and report on web application compatibility with Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and Edge.

Adminstudio Inventorry Rationalization

Inventory and Rationalization
AdminStudio Inventory and Rationalization identifies, assesses, and consolidates an enterprise desktop application portfolio to improve agility of day-to-day application service delivery and streamline platform migrations.

MacMobile Pack

Mac and Mobile

AdminStudio Mac and Mobile application management software enables centralized preparation and management of Mac OS X and mobile apps with the same tools and processes used for Windows and virtual applications. Test mobile app software for device and OS compatibility and report on the behavior, configuration and property settings of mobile applications to identify which apps require additional security assessment.

App Portal AppPortal
Self service Enterprise App Store

Flexera App Portal empowers employees with on-demand software provisioning through an enterprise app store while helping IT deliver and manage the end-user to get his assets on time with complete visibility into their software assets. 

 Software Developers
InstallShield Logo InstallShield
How the World Builds MSI and EXE Installers and UWP and WSA Packages for Windows Applications

InstallShield is the industry standard for development teams creating installers for Windows desktops, servers, and cloud platforms, and helps to prepare applications for emerging technologies like the Windows Store and Nano Server. Over 100,000 developers around the world trust InstallShield to develop EXE and MSI installers, create Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Windows Server App (WSA) packages, and virtualize their applications with minimal scripting, coding, or rework.

Flexnet Code Aware

FlexNet Code Aware is an automated open source risk assessment and package discovery solution that enables software developers to quickly scan their products for security and intellectual property (IP) compliance risk. By seamlessly integrating with InstallShield or InstallAnywhere, FlexNet Code Aware becomes a standard part of the build process, helping developers expose and assess IP and security vulnerability risks before the product ships. This powerful combined solution sets the foundation for a vulnerability-free build while ensuring a smooth, error-free installation.

FlexNet Code Insight
Reduce Open Source Software License Compliance and Vulnerability Risk

FlexNet Code Insight empowers organizations to take control of and manage use of open source software (OSS) and third-party components. It helps development, legal and security teams use automation to create a formal OSS strategy and policy that balances business benefits and risk management.

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