PackaManager for AppV

PackManager for App-V is a solution for IT professionals working with Microsoft App-V in Desktop, VDI and Citrix environments.

Administer App-V clients remotely, reduce user impact and achieve user acceptance faster while increasing the quality of the package. This solution also includes a variety of remote troubleshooting functions to assist helpdesk staff and publish packages in a standalone environment. PackManager for App-V will save the experienced from living in the PowerShell console, while providing the inexperienced the same capabilities. Centralize the administration, deployment and troubleshooting of App-V in one easy to use interface.

Detailed features

  • Add, remove and manage App-V packages on target machines
  • Review, set, export App-V client configurations
  • Manage connection groups
  • Manage publishing servers
  • Stop services per user
  • Review App-V client events logs
  • Export logs and settings to HTML or Excel
  • Set PowerShell Execution policies on target machines


  • Increase success of user acceptance testing efforts
  • Release new App-V packages more quickly
  • Minimize user disruption
  • Avoid impacting users of other applications
  • Shrink the learning gap for supporting App-V packages

Who benefits from PackManager for App-V?

Support Technicians

  • View published applications sync for updates or to retrieve new applications
  • View all troubleshooting data regarding App-V packages in one place
  • Does not require more than remote admin rights

Packaging Professionals

  • Streamline initial user acceptance testing (to test packages faster prior to deployment)
    Save hours or days deploying untested packages

Citrix Administrators

  • Avoid impacting users of other applications by starting/stopping processes and applications individuals
  • Centrally manage App-V options
  • Support App-V packages without expertise


  • Speed up delivery times and improve quality of deployments
  • Lower deployment and supports costs


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