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The official training and knowledge center in the Benelux 

We are the knowledge & training center for packaging, installation and end point security in the Benelux. We are the only official training and knowledge partner of Flexera + Raynet in the Benelux.

We are direct involved in the training program development and the certification for Flexera Adminstudio and Raynet RayPack studio. 

Trainingspartners of the whole world use the www.crtfy.com portal to cerftify students locally. This ensures the highest knowledge level for the use and working with Flexera Adminstudio and Raynet RayPack studio.

This certificate is the global golden standard for consultants to distinguish themselves in quality and knowledge.

Application Packaging using AdminStudio brings your staff up to speed not only on AdminStudio functionality but also on application readiness best practices. 

The essential standards for creating and maintaining your Defendpoint settings, as well as providing basic troubleshooting steps. Deployment options and Enterprise Reporting functionality.

Application Packaging to maximize the benefits when using RayPack. ITIL-based workflow, from Intake to Distribution. All repackaging steps are covered.

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