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Secure, manage and audit vendor & internal remote privileged access without a VPN.

Eliminate a Cybersecurity Threat Vector: Give contractors and vendors privileged access to critical assets without giving them a VPN.

Meet Privileged Access Compliance Requirements: Satisfy internal and external compliance requirements with comprehensive audit trails and session forensics.

Give Them a Privileged Access Solution They'll Love: Guarantee adoption with a system that actually lets users do their jobs faster and easier than they do today.


Why BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access?

Protect the Access -  Prevent “privilege creep” and quickly enforce least privilege to protect your IT assets

Seamlessly Integrate with Password Management - Make least privilege productive and combat data breaches, without sacrificing security

Work across Hybrid Environments - Simplify the access process by providing one tool that facilitates all unattended access for remote systems and endpoints

Leverage Existing Security Investments -Increase the security of IaaS accounts with individual accountability for root accounts

Mobile & Web Consoles - Get the access you need from any mobile device or web browser

Audit & Compliance - Satisfy compliance requirements with comprehensive audit trails and session forensics

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Manage Access Across Hybrid Environments

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access allows you to manage and control privileged access across hybrid environments and platforms. Most organizations are using a mix traditional computing, private and public cloud infrastructure to run their critical systems. Privileged Remote Access gives you the ability to centrally secure and audit access across all of these environments.

Privileged Remote Access also works to and from every platform your privileged users need, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Plus, users can leverage desktop-quality access through Android or iOS (iPad, iPhone) apps.

Managing privileged access with Privileged Remote Access improves productivity for everyone. It streamlines setup, centralizes auditing and reporting, and allows users to connect from their preferred device.

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Integrate Privileged Remote Access with Your Environment

You've already invested in solutions for password management, user authentication, security information and event management (SIEM), IT service management (ITSM), systems management and change management. BeyondTrust Privileged Access lets you integrate privileged session management into your existing environment and increase your return on those investments.

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Secure Deployment Options for Privileged Remote Access

The BeyondTrust Appliance for Privileged Remote Access offers a centralized platform for access control and session management. BeyondTrust helps you keep sensitive data behind your own firewall, under the trusted security measures you already have in place. Please, speak with us about which appliance is best for your organization.

Virtual, Physical or Bomgar Cloud Appliance - More info >


Manage Privileged Users and Shrink Your Attack Surface

Bomgar has always been designed with security at the forefront. Not only is the product architecture superior from a security standpoint, the product itself includes a number of features that strengthen the security of your organization on a day to day basis.

Businesses today must not only meet increasingly stringent company security policies, but many are also subject to industry compliance mandates such as HIPAA or PCI. With Bomgar, security professionals can control and monitor privileged access while also empowering authorized users to perform their duties.

Enjoy the benefits of a secure Architecture, No VPN, Seamless Integrations, Granular Access Controls and Permissions, Native Two-Factor Authentication, Data Encryption and Session Audit and Monitoring !

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How does Privileged Remote Access work?

Unmatched Control Over Remote Access

Secure and Inject Privileged Credentials

Privileged Remote Access eliminates the need for privileged users to remember or share credentials for the systems they need to access. Passwords can be stored in the on-appliance vault. Or you can integrate PRA with BeyondTrust Password Safe or another Password Management Solution.

This password component enables our credential injection capabilities. Instead of requiring privileged users to know usernames and passwords for each endpoint, we can store those credentials securely. And then, using API functionality, we can retrieve those credentials and inject them directly into a session.

This means you don’t need to expose credentials, giving you more control and flexibility around those accounts

Integrate with Identity Management, Change Management, and SIEM Solutions

The Privileged Remote Access API allows you to seamlessly integrate privileged access with your existing workflows for identity, change, and event management. Integrate with password management tools to enable automatic password injection. Leverage existing SIEM solutions to track session data and configuration changes Integrate with change management and ITSM solutions. Manage permissions and authentication with AD, LDAPS, RADIUS, Kerberos.

Secure and Manage Access to the Cloud

Most organizations use a mix traditional computing, private and public cloud infrastructure to run their critical systems. Privileged Remote Access gives you the ability to centrally secure and manage access across all of your environments, even sensitive systems in the Cloud.

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How Are Your Privileged Accounts Leaving You Vulnerable?

This report covers:
- 58% believe it likely they have suffered a breach due to vendor access

- 90% with fully integrated tools are confident they can identify specific threats from employees with privileged access

- Almost two thirds (64%) of organizations believe they’ve either definitely or possibly had a breach due to employee access

- For 60%, IoT device retaining default passwords is a threat to their organization
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Use Case

Before BeyondTrust, Bechtle AG used various remote support tools that the team was not completely satisfied with. “We lacked integration with our company ITSM solution, ServiceNow.” explained Markus Sigle. In addition to increased IT productivity, 
Bechtle also wanted to achieve a higher level of data protection and IT security. “We wanted a guarantee that our data would not go through foreign servers.”


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