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The #1 solution for leading enterprises to securely access and support any device or system, anywhere in the world.

Support More - More devices, more platforms, more people, more locations. Provide instant, reliable remote support to end-users and customers on or off your network. Get more done because you’re focused on fixing issues, not fixing the connection.

Provide Superior Service - Improve service levels and customer satisfaction with seamless, high-quality remote support for every end-user. Provide scalable, enterprise-grade support that keeps your business running, whether you’re fixing a Linux server across the ocean or an iPhone across town.

Secure Your Business - Support teams need administrative access to desktops and critical systems to do their job. The security of their remote access tools is crucial in protecting your network from threats and meeting compliance regulations.

Secure Remote Support - highlighted features

Remote Access & Control - Provide fast remote assistance to any desktop, server or mobile device with screen sharing and remote control - anytime from anywhere

Efficiency & Scale - Manage unattended access to thousands of systems and grow your businesses securely with automation

Customization & Branding - Maintain corporate branding standards and create trust by customizing your support experience, including chat

Team & Permissions Administrations - Granularly manage team users, roles and session permission setting to enforce a least privileged security posture

Audit & Compliance - Log all sessions activity trail, with real time reporting and capture a detailed video log of all session activity.

Integrations - Integrate with CRM, ITSM, SIEM and pasword tools or use BeyondTrust's open API to create your custom integrations.

How does Bomgar Remote Support work?

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Secure Remote Support - Benefits


Solution highlights


One Remote Support Solution for Everything

BeyondTrust Remote Support is the only remote software you need. Support all of your systems over the web, even if they are behind firewalls you don’t control. All supported platforms are included in the core product, so you can consolidate and standardize support, improving incident handling time and support rep productivity.

Troubleshoot Android and iOS Devices ... or From Them

Support iOS and Android devices with screen sharing and remote control. Support on anything your customer can see, including hardware and peripherals, by sharing the remote camera on Android and iOS devices. Or embed chat and remote support in your mobile app.

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Integrate Remote Support with ITSM and Service Desk Solutions

You've already invested in solutions for your service desk or support center to more efficiently track issues and end-user requests. Your remote support software should fit seamlessly into your environment and increase your return on those investments.

That's why Bomgar offers pre-built integrations for the leading service desk, CRM, and systems management solutions. Plus, our custom integration capabilities let you use Bomgar with your own system to create a seamless remote support experience.

Enhance Your Help Desk and Systems Management Solutions

Integrating BeyondTrust with your incident and case management systems gives you a seamless process for remote support.

BeyondTrust’s integrations allow you to launch a remote support session directly from the ticket or record, automatically update tickets with details from the support session and include the chat transcript and session recording in the ticket.

Integrate Chat Support with Your ITSM and CRM

Integrating BeyondTrust with your service desk, CRM, and systems management platforms gives you a complete remote support solution. BeyondTrust includes secure chat support capabilities, so you can offer live help from your website, knowledgebase or self-service support portal. With BeyondTrust, you can easily move from chat support to screen sharing and remote control. After the support session, BeyondTrust updates the support record with the chat transcript and details from the remote support session.

Create Custom Integrations

You can also use BeyondTrust's API and Integration Client to create custom integrations with other or home-grown solutions. Implement the integrations yourself or contact our Professional Services team to help you build them.

Integrate Credential Injection with Remote Support

Make it easy for support teams to access desktops and systems quickly without revealing plain text credentials and passwords, which are commonly phished. Credential injection enables your support organization to:

  • Improve productivity and time to resolution by streamlining access to desktops and systems
  • Eliminate the need to store and track shared credentials manually
  • Mask plain text credentials and passwords from technicians so they can't be phished or stolen
  • Eliminate a very common and profitable attack pathway for hackers

Embed Remote Support in Your Apps on iPads, iPhones & Android Devices

Embedded Remote App Support is a software development kit (SDK) that can be included in Apple iOS or Android apps. Once enabled, customers and employees can request remote support directly from an Android or iOS app. And support reps can see and troubleshoot the app in real time. Make the following features available to support representatives:

  • Remote viewing of your own app
  • Custom special actions that control aspects of the app and automate troubleshooting
  • Custom system info specific to your app
  • Compressed file transfer to and from your app
  • Chat support with canned messages

Integrate your SIEM tool with Remote Support

The SIEM integration for Remote Support enables your organization to leverage detailed session data to fulfill compliance requirements and gain visibility into activity across IT infrastructure.

The integration captures your Remote Support session details, formats them appropriately, and sends them to the SIEM tool of your choosing. No matter what your technicians are doing while using BeyondTrust, the SIEM integration can help you filter through audit trails to precisely identify what happened during that session and correlate it to other events.

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Secure Architecture

We provide each customer a segmented, single-tenant environment. Your data is never co-mingled with data from any other customer.

BeyondTrust offers the greatest number of deployment options, so you can select the choice that corresponds with the security requirements of your business. From on-premises and virtual appliances to the BeyondTrust Cloud, get the best deployment option for your business.

Unique Configuration by Customer

The BeyondTrust software itself is uniquely built for each customer, and each organization has its own unique URL and customer client. To generate further trust, add your logo, a customer watermark, and rep profile photos.


BeyondTrust works through firewall without VPN tunneling, so your perimeter security can remain intact. Outbound only session traffic uses TCP Port 443. BeyondTrust's infrastructure has very minimal port exposure, which drastically reduces the potential exposed attack surface of the your support site.


Most remote support solutions require you to create support rep accounts manually or with a convoluted semi-automated process. BeyondTrust seamlessly integrates with external user directories, such as LDAP, for simple and secure user management.

With BeyondTrust, you can leverage your existing directories LDAPS, Kerberos, Smart Card, RADIUS) so that if you change a support rep’s account in Active Directory, it is automatically reflected in Bomgar.

BeyondTrust lets you associate group policies in BeyondTrust with groups in your directory, so that if you move a rep from one group to another in LDAPS, their permissions in BeyondTrust are automatically updated to reflect their new role.

Native Two-Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication increases the security of remote access by requiring a second factor (one time passcode) to login, in addition to the password. It’s available for every Bomgar user at no additional cost. If you are already using a 2FA solution, you can use it with BeyondTrust too.

BeyondTrust Vault for Remote Support

Securely store, share, and track the use of privileged credentials by the IT service desk. BeyondTrust Vault for Remote Support fits seamlessly with your service desk workflow and mitigates the threats in your service desk related to stolen credentials and passwords.

Jump Groups and Roles

Grant access with even more granularity so that just the right levels of access are granted to those who need it, enforcing the concept of “least privilege” in your service desk. BeyondTrust includes a large number of granular permissions that can be granted to manage which features in BeyondTrust a representative has access to and can require end-user prompting so that the user receiving support must approve representative actions.

Policies can be set for users, groups, or sessions, giving administrators significant flexibility and control. Group policies integrate easily with external directory stores to assign permissions based on your existing structures. Session permission policies enable building a security model for each specific support scenario. You can also restrict BeyondTrust use logins to certain times of day.

Data Encryption

BeyondTrust can be configured such that it enforces the use of SSL for every connection made to the site. BeyondTrust encrypts all data in transit using TLSv1.2, and data at rest encryption can be enabled with your organization’s key management solution. Available cipher suites can be enabled or disabled and reordered as needed to meet the needs of your organization.

Session Logging

Session logging allows for the review of all customer and support representative interactions, and all the events of an individual support session are logged as a text-based log. This log includes representatives involved, permissions granted by the customer, chat transcripts, system information, and any other actions taken by the BeyondTrust representative.

BeyondTrust also allows enabling video session recordings. This records the visible user interface of the customer screen for the entire screen sharing session. Session logging data is available on the appliance in an un-editable format for up to 90 days, but it can be moved to an external database using the BeyondTrust API or the BeyondTrust Integration Client.

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Physical or Virtual Appliances for Remote Support

The BeyondTrust Appliance has helped enterprises satisfy regulatory requirements around remote support for years. Deploy physical and virtual appliance on-premises under the trusted security measures you already have in place.

Secure Cloud for Remote Support

BeyondTrust Cloud offers the features and functionality of BeyondTrust’s on-premises appliances in the cloud. The unique segmentation capabilities of our cloud deployment give you cloud without compromise.

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License models

Please contact us to get an investment estimate for your situation.

We've compiled a PDF document to highlight the variables for the most popular licenses situations.

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Assist Any Remote Desktop, Server, or Mobile Device

Support all of your systems over the web, even if they are behind firewalls you don’t control. All supported platforms are included in the core product, so you can consolidate and standardize support, improving incident handling time and support rep productivity.

BeyondTrust Remote Support works across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS. Access and control any remote computer or device, on or off the network - no VPN required.

More Deployment Options

When it comes to deployment options, BeyondTrust Remote Support fits your business needs. Our physical and virtual appliances have helped enterprises satisfy regulatory requirements for years. The unique segmentation capabilities of our cloud deployment gives you cloud without compromise.

How does Bomgar Remote Support enforce security?

Business Case

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The Business Case for BeyondTrust Remote Support

This guide gives you everything you need to convince your team that BeyondTrust Remote Support is worth it.

- The Most Secure Choice
- Best Mobile Support Options
- Proven Results
- Our Customers Love Us
- Unmatched Support and Services


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