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Composite authentication: beyond Multifactor Authentication A new world of modern, risk-based authentication

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Go beyond two-factor and multifactor authentication

DigitalPersonaEliminate the dependency on people with DigitalPersona Composite Authentication. With a convenient, frictionless user experience, it’s frustration-free. Dynamic risk-based policies adapt to threats. Security is optimized for every app, every user, every time and everywhere.

With traditional authentication, secure access is dependent on human compliance. Users are burdened with inconvenient and complex authentication policies. These policies are not adaptable to an evolving threat environment. As a result, your enterprise isn’t fully protected.

DigitalPersona helps organizations of all sizes and across industries meet the 2FA requirements – and go way beyond – for HIPPA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, EPIC e-Prescribe and more.


With DigitalPersona, you can:

  • Expand your traditional set of authentication factors – what you have, are and know – with the contextual risk factors of time, velocity, location and behavior. Choose the right level of protection for every application, every user and every system

  • Secure all your applications, including web, cloud, windows, mobile, VDI and VPN – even legacy mainframe apps that continue to play a vital role. And, with DigitalPersona, all constituencies are covered – not only your employees, but also your customers, vendors and partners

  • Eliminate the reliance as well as the burden on users – so that you can lead with strong authentication postures without fear of compromise due to lack of cooperation

  • Strengthen your compliance profile with an irrefutable proof-of-presence. And lower administration costs with an IT-friendly architecture

  • Deploy quickly, with minimal disruption and without forcing YOUR systems to adapt to OUR product

  • Integrate with your existing IT infrastructure using current IT tools and resources, and achieve staffing flexibility and lower up-front and ongoing overhead costs – all while gaining peace of mind with a future-proofed architecture

  • Create a secure bridge between the physical access of employees and their IT entitlements by using industry standard HID smartcards and readers. Single sign on and log-off when a user leaves a room.

The widest array of biometric, mobile, traditional and behavioral authentication factors in the industry. DigitalPersona goes beyond traditional authentication to provide risk-based factors that deliver the strongest, most complete protection available to secure your network, applications and digital assets – on-premise or in the cloud.

Take the burden off the user with frictionless access. Only DigitalPersona offers flexible, next-generation authentication that provides the right factor for every user, delivered at the precise moment that it is required.


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