Create professional packaging manuals


RayEval - Software Evaluation

Create professional packaging manuals

RayEval allows you to document your work. It is a professional tool for any documentation tasks that require the collection of screenshots and step-wise procedures, such as the setup and configuration of an application for a packaging project.

A precise and orderly documentation is a prerequisite to avoid unnecessary costs. Typically all evaluation documentation is done manually. Screenshots of every single installation step or configuration choice will be taken and assorted with a suitable description, in order to give the software packagers an overview of the installation and a clear understanding of the packaging work to be done.

Benefits and features

  • Integration with TestRail

  • Once completed, it can be re-used many times

  • Automatic capture of the installation routine

  • Data can be transferred into RayPack or RayFlow

  • Professional and consistent documents over time

  • Quick and easy executions of professional evaluation documentation

  • Package and packaging parameters can also be imported in the document

  • Take screen shots simply with a click of the mouse during the installation

  • Easily export the evaluation project in your favorite format (Microsoft Word, PDF, etc.)

  • Highly customizable (plug-in-based customer templates, customer-driven project ownerships, etc.)

Screenshot RayEval 

Screenshot RayEval

Screenshot RayEval 

Screenshot RayEval


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