- Master Packager Dev -

Ridiculously easy to create and automate professional MSI/MSIX packages

Focus on Your app, not the installer!

MasterPackager Components

- For Developers -

Distribute your App without learning how MSI and MSIX work

(save 100+ hours searching the web)

Find MSIX limitations during build, not testing

(save a lot of hours and confusion)

Automate and have an error-free package

(save countless hours)

Stop The Rework

There is a high chance that enterprises with thousands of employees want your app.
However, are you aware that enterprises often spend hundreds of dollars on repackaging poorly created packages?

With Master Packager Dev your package:

• Meets enterprise standards for quality
• Eliminates the need for enterprises to repackage
• Becomes the preferred choice for enterprises over alternative apps
• Is ready for enterprise deployment solutions, (SCCM, Intune, Microsoft Store, WinGet, and more.)

Master Packager Dev

  1. Create JSON project file (~10min)
  2. Run "mpdev.exe build yourapp.json"
  3. Improve your installer based on MP Dev suggestions
  4. Automate with CI/CD


Turn your MSI installer into a modern user experience.

MPDev Modern Installer

MPDev fromWiX


We used to create MSI packages for our apps with WiX Toolset.
But it was too complex to start and maintain.
Alternatives were too expensive and overly complicated.
Therefore we leveraged our decade of packaging experience to develop Master Packager Dev.

  • Any developer can get a working package in minutes
  • Project file is readable like a story
  • Builds packages that enterprises want and Windows OS needs


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