October 26, 2023 - Netwrix Benelux Customer Day 2023

Location: PDS' offices - Culemborg - The Netherlands - 10am until 4pm.

Meet the Netwrix and PDS team to discuss the current IT security challenges, best practices and hear the latest updates from the Netwrix Universe. Netwrix has been growing in the last couple of years, and chances are - there will be something new about our technologies that you didn't know about!

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PolicyPak: Modern Desktop Management for the "Anywhere" Workforce

In today's hybrid work environment, users need to access their desktops, laptops and other devices at the office, at home, while traveling, through kiosks and virtually.

But many organizations are struggling to manage and secure their IT ecosystem because not all Windows endpoint management software systems were designed for modern distributed scenarios. Netwrix PolicyPak enables you to solve your endpoint management and endpoint protection challenges wherever users get work done, modernizing and extending the power of your existing enterprise technology assets.

ChangeTracker: Gain Confidence in Systems Integrity

Helps you secure critical IT systems and prove compliance.

As industry regulations expand in scope and complexity, organizations need solutions that simplify the process of securing, monitoring and validating the configuration of critical systems. A strong compliance posture starts with secure systems configurations coupled with intuitive detection of unauthorized changes. With security configuration management and change control software from Netwrix, you can significantly reduce your organizations attack surface, detect & remediate breaches and pass compliance audits more easily.

Auditor: Ease the burden of IT Auditing

Secure, manage and audit vendor & internal remote privileged access.

More and more organizations, regardless of size or industry, are recognizing the value of conducting regular internal and external IT audits. The benefits are many: IT auditing can help you improve security, pass compliance audits and optimize IT operations. But all too often, the process is far more cumbersome and time-consuming than it needs to be. Learn how Netwrix Auditor software can help you improve your security posture, ease the auditing burden and achieve your goals with far less effort.

Privilege Secure (formerly Netwrix SbPAM)
  • Secure Privileged Activity with Just-In-Time Access
  • Dramatically reduce risk by eliminating standing privilege
  • Enable admins to efficiently accomplish their tasks while promoting accountability
  • Quell the anxiety of compliance audits

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