Ensure the quality of your software packages


RayQC - Quality and Compatibility Management

Ensure the quality of your software packages

The quality control of a product does not only start after its production, but accompanies all phases of the product lifecycle management.

Quality control is an underlying factor during the entire lifecycle of the product, from the planning phase through its actual production and implementation, all the way until its end-of-life. This is highly relevant when it comes to Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management. Errors or conflicts in software applications and their packages can have serious consequences on the receiving clients, as they often lead to the failure of business-critical applications and thereby create high costs as well as long term damage to the reputation of IT departments and enterprises


Screenshot Raynet RayQC

Screenshot Raynet RayQC

Screenshot Raynet RayQC

Benefits and features


  • Reduce IT and Helpdesk Costs

  • Best Practices meet Customization

  • Drag & drop of checklist elements

  • Improve End-User Experience and Productivity

  • Create and manage user-defined report profiles

  • New editor to easily create and edit checklists for a high level of automation

  • Tips which are given during the editing greatly simplify the creation of checklists

  • Open plug-in interface allows the integration of our existing scripts in checklists

  • With the new resource management, checklists are stored together with all necessary documents and graphics in one single file

  • Best Practices Templates deliver a solid basis, which can be easily and quickly amended to suit your company-specific requirements

  • RayQC increases the quality of your software deployments through multi-level and standardized test plans by relieving the manual testing tasks of your workforce

RayQC Roadmap Video

Case Study

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High-Performance ALM: Managing Applications Efficiently

BWI commissioned the ALM specialist Raynet for a three-month pilot project. At the end of the three months, Raynet had increased the output of the packaging service many times over and the costs could be significantly reduced accordingly


White Paper

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RayPack Studio includes powerful software solutions with a large number of features that automate and accelerate holistic packaging projects.

RayPack Studio provides a set of software products and components for professional enterprise software packaging. Next to software packaging and virtualization, RayPack Studio considers all packaging-related tasks: confl ict and compatibility checks of software applications and packages, software evaluation, and quality assurance.



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