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RaySuite Appliance - Software Management for Small and Medium Business

RaySuite Appliance is a pre-configured and pre-installed set of software components

Now, SMB customers can also enjoy numerous functions that facilitate the operation of their own IT infrastructure and allow it to be conveniently and reliably administrated.

For SMB customers, this offer comes with a bundle of benefits, in saving costs as well as in obtaining a scalable solution. 

Benefits and features


  • RaySuite Appliance will be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, even in a virtual one.
  • If an enterprise needs to grow, a full-service SQL server can easily be upgraded.

  • The solution supports a large number of distribution nodes.


  • A pre-configured application for different expertise levels (users, administrators).

  • An integration into your existing infrastructure, like Active Directory (AD), SQL or its capability to run insulated from existing IT infrastructure if needed. 

  • In other words, you can decide to use the AD of your infrastructure or not.


  • The only required components a possible customer might have to purchase is the Microsoft 2012 Standard Server; one license per processor – Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express is free of charge.

  • There are just a handful of software-requirements necessary, and the installation of RaySuite Appliance will be done in a plug & play approach.


  • RaySuite Appliance provides a complete set of software solutions for:

    •  Workflow management;

    • Hardware discovery & software inventory;

    • Software evaluation;

    • Software packaging & virtualization;

    • Quality assurance and software deployment including patch management and OS deployment.
  • Discovery of computer devices, VMware hosts & Oracle database instances;

  • Agent-based inventory allows inventory of desktops and servers;

  • RayVentory2go with USB pen drive – enables the discovery of unmanaged or unconnected devices;

  • Also available as an powerful add-on for FlexNet Manager Platform and RayManageSofti customers
  • Software Evaluation;

  • Software Packaging and Virtualization;

  • Quality Assurance
  • Automatically and centrally deploys OS and software applications;

  • Proactive patch management and monitoring of patch releases;

  • Enhanced roll-out control – allows full control with roll-out waves, giving administrators the opportunity to promptly react on unplanned events;

  • Desired state (self-healing) and task-based deployment.
  • Web-based workflow system with a unique platform to support IT departments in their software packaging projects;

  • Provides real time information and progress monitoring of all tasks in the software packaging lifecycle;

  • Flexible mail notification of work status, changes, and visual alert elements;

  • SLA management with several control options and detailed reports;

  • Web-based and client version available;

  • Integration of all packaging products offers a comfortable and intuitive access of all data and information

Immediately available software packages – analysed, quality assured and distributable

The Package Store offers pre-configured software packages. All configuration options of the manufacturer’s software can be easily customized with the RayPackage Configurator – even without packaging experience.

In each software package you will find the Configurations tab, which lists all the options that can be configured with RayPackage. The deployable software package is generated based on the selected configurations at one touch. A complete package documentation is automatically created for each generated software package, in which all settings are recorded.


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