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Establish an ideal foundation of data for your long-term IT initiatives

Turn your data into actions for sustainable IT decisions

IT Visibility changing your world

The increasing diversity of data and the digital transformation not only increase the complexity of IT infrastructures, but at the same time make it more difficult to gain visibility and thus holistic transparency of important corporate data.

Many organizations face a major challenge in managing their IT assets completely to get useful insights out of them. In 90% of cases, companies collect data but cannot aggregate, normalize, and enrich it.

The resulting inaccurate aggregation of data means that essential metrics for strategic decision-making are missing, limiting business performance.

Get the most out of your IT investments

// Reduce your IT costs

Maximize your investment with strategic application rationalization

// Improve your IT security

Protect your IT investment with vulnerability monitoring

// Gain visibility

Normalize and enrich your data for better business insights

// Optimize your IT processes

Get a transparent view of the most important KPIs for your use cases

Maximize your investment savings, ensure security & build new IT initiatives.

With the Raynet Unified Data Platform, ensure continuous access to the high-quality, validated, and reliable data you need to make strategic IT asset management decisions. From procurement, licensing, deployment, and configuration decisions, to ensuring the security and privacy of your critical infrastructure and data, the data platform gives you the insights you need to take control of your IT environment. The Unified Data Platform fully covers the diversity, scale, and complexity of enterprise data assets through intelligent automation and technology in a centralized platform.

With an automated end-to-end process, data is collected, transformed, normalized, enriched, and visualized from a wide variety of data sources (on-premises and in the cloud). The focus is on transparency and optimization of data quality. This results in a high-quality data foundation for important IT asset information, so you can make well-founded strategic decisions.

Your one-stop IT data management solution

Gather, aggregate, transform, enrich, and normalize all your most important IT asset data in one place to get better business insights, maximize your software investment, and to stay flexible in our ever-changing digital world.

// IT Visibility

Get complete visibility over your entire IT assets
IT Visibility

// Hardware Discovery & Software Inventory

Keep an overview of your entire hardware & software landscape

Discovery & Inventory

//Application Rationalization

Maximize your software investment                            
Application Rationalization

// End-of-Life & End-of-Support Monitoring

Keep your critical business IT running
EOL-EOS Monitoring

// Vulnerability Monitoring

Improve your IT security with Vulnerability Monitoring
Vulnerability Management

// SaaS Management

Eliminate unnecessary costs and be in control of your licenses
Saas Management
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