Email Threat Defender (ETD)

Bring X-Ray Vision to Your Email Security – Microsoft 365

Advanced Email Threat Detection and Analysis. Now Available at The Network Edge

People are imperfect by nature… And as more companies continue their digital transformations in 2022, email security has become a major priority. Email related attacks like phishing have become the preferred method used by attackers attempting to infiltrate your network.

A major cause of corporate IT disruption stems from the mail-borne delivery of advanced malicious malware, phishing, and custom crafted attacks.

Advanced malware attacks are very difficult to detect as they are specifically engineered to avoid detection using sophisticated evasion techniques. Even with the advances in heuristic analysis and phishing detection, email continues to be the most successful attack vector for both opportunistic and targeted-based attacks.
VMRay Email Threat Defender (ETD) was created to detect potential breaches at the earliest possible moment. Fully automating the scanning of inbound emails by analyzing suspicious attachments and embedded links.

By sharing rapid detection results with other tools, ETD helps thwart or interrupt lateral movement, credentials theft and other downstream activities that lead to the compromise of high-value assets.


Detect What Others Miss

VMRay has leveraged our best-in-class malware detection and analysis technology to create Email Threat Defender (ETD), thereby extending our superior detection capabilities of spear phishing, evasive malware and zero-day threats out to all your users. ETD performs a quick scan of every single email that comes in, and if necessary detonates any suspicious files or weblinks, and then either blocks the email from arriving, or else alerts you and the recipient to deal with the email immediately.

The bottom line: we detonate advanced and unknown threats safely within our VMs so that the malware doesn’t detonate on your end-users’ computers

Augment not Replace

VMRay Email Threat Defender is a supplement to your cloud email security solution and does not replace any of the existing controls. It does not require rerouting of your email traffic by DNS MX changes, nor does it disable or disrupt any of the built-in security features.

ETD seamlessly works with Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online Protection or Microsoft Defender for Office 365) as it integrates with APIs and connectors.

ETD adds the world’s best advanced threat detection engines to cloud email security solutions as a second layer of defense. For instance, ETD’s Smart Link Detonation feature complements Microsoft Safe Links (which rewrites every weblink and scans it only when a user clicks on it) with time-of-delivery analysis.

As a result, ETD can detect threats much earlier than Safe Links would do.

VMRay Email Threat Defender: implemented in a few minutes

ETD screenshotVMRay Email Threat Defender for Microsoft 365 (Office 365) is deployed as a cloud service and can be implemented and configured for your company’s emails in minutes.

Once activated, ETD silently scans all your email messages in the background, is resistant to failures and almost maintenance free. You decide what actions ETD takes automatically when it detects a suspicious or malicious message. It can quarantine the message or just notify the user and administrator or other management system (SIEM, SOAR, EDR).

Put Detection on Autopilot

etd put detection on autopilotSet it and forget it

By automating and scaling the detection of email threats—and maximizing the speed and accuracy of detection results—VMRay ETD frees up SOC and IR team members to focus on the most challenging attacks.

Bolster anti-phishing and anti-spam protections

VMRay ETD leverages rapid detection, deep-dive analysis and advanced methods for detecting credential-harvesting websites to identify threats that are evading your current anti-phishing and anti-spam solutions.

Enlist your endusers in a the battle

Enlist your end users in the battle

Auto-notifies when results are returned, often in seconds. They can even submit a help desk ticket requesting further assistance.

Support enterprise needs

VMRay ETD scales to address proliferating email threats and rapid growth in the total volume of email, without compromising performance or TCO. It readily integrates with leading email solutions, requiring only minimal configuration.


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