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The single source of truth for validating alerts in Security Automation

Final Verdict LogoFor large enterprises and MSSPs, FinalVerdict is intended to help you automate triage of EDR/XDR/SIEM/SOAR malware related alerts to identify “suspicious” alerts as malicious or benign, with seamless integration into other industry leading security platforms.
Built on the VMRay Platform, FinalVerdict enables organizations to automate, accelerate and scale alert triage and investigation. As the single reliable source of truth, VMRay FinalVerdict provides timely insights around malware and phishing threats to increase the SOC effectiveness. With over 30 built-in technologies and API connectors, FinalVerdict is highly adaptable to a range of SOC environments and security tools.

Why VMRay FinalVerdict ?

With VMRay FinalVerdict, SOC analysts can efficiently triage and investigate alerts with confidence. It goes beyond reputation lookups and web-based services to provide definitive and clear results for unknown or suspicious malware and phishing threats.
FinalVerdict combines unparalleled detection quality, unlimited scalability, and complete privacy, becoming the ideal solution for organizations looking to take their security automation journey to the next level.
With FinalVerdict integrated to their existing security stack, organizations can effectively handle new and targeted threats.

The Challenges

Endless attack

The SOC teams are facing an uphill battle as the volume of malware and phishing alerts continues to skyrocket, making it a challenge to meet their goals for Mean-Time-To-Detection (MTTD) and Mean-Time-To-Response (MTTR).

In depth analysis 1
Phishing remains a persistent security threat, with phishing emails continually bypassing email security tools. The manual processing of thousands of user-reported phishing emails daily is no longer feasible, leading to a gap in reliable and quick phishing detection.
Comprehensive solution
The high volume of alerts generated by endpoint protection products (EDRs) can be overwhelming for Tier-1 analysts to manage effectively, and the growing number of security tools only complicates the process of determining the IOCs of each potential malware threat and its classification.
While Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services may seem like a viable alternative, they often come with human-intensive processes and high costs, making them less than ideal solutions for organizations struggling to control their alert pipeline.
With the burden of manual and unreliable phishing processing, ineffective EDRs, and the difficulties in triaging and enriching unknown malware, it’s imperative to have a solution that addresses these challenges.
FinalVerdict provides an efficient solution that automates the analysis process, triages and enriches unknown malware, and maximizes the effectiveness of EDRs by automating the validation of alerts. Get quick, accurate, and effective protection with FinalVerdict.

Use Cases

Phishing processing

Streamline User-Reported Phishing Processing <Learn More>

Are Malicious Emails Still Bypassing Your Point Phishing Solution?
Many enterprise phishing solutions today rely on known static threat libraries and AI analytics to identify suspicious patterns of behavior.

VMRay provides third-party validation with deeper analysis to identify previously unknown and advanced phishing threats.

Tackle Malware

Effortlessly Tackle Malware Triage and Enrichment <Learn More>

Start threat-informed hunting with VMRay
Uncover hidden malware threats effectively with laser-sharp IOCs and extensive behavioral analysis.

Detection Engineering

Maximize EDR Effectiveness with FinalVerdict <Learn More>

Turn Down the Noise Created by False Positives.
For many Enterprises, MSSPs and MDR service providers, EDR and XDR has become the backbone of their enterprise detection fabric.

VMRay enriches EDR/XDR deployments with definitive verdicts on “suspicious” alerts and operational intelligence to quickly mitigate threats.

Your Benefits

FinalVerdict helps organizations reduce the burden of security operations by automating repetitive manual tasks, such as investigating alerts and processing user-reported phishing emails.
With FinalVerdict, organizations can confidently validate overwhelming EDR alerts and reduce the risk of human error in the incident response process.
Additionally, FinalVerdict helps minimize attacker dwell time by automating incident responses. By streamlining these processes, FinalVerdict enables organizations to be more effective in their security operations.
  • Reduce the stress of repetitive manual tasks of alert investigation
  • Automatically validate overwhelming EDR alerts with confidence
  • Reduce the number of manually investigated user reported phishing emails
  • Automate responses to reduce attacker dwell time
  • Minimize the risk of human error in the incident response process 

Next step

Get hands-on with the VMRay solution: sign up for a free trial, experience the effects! With over 30 built-in technologies, solid Rest API and pre-built connectors, FinalVerdict is highly adaptable to a range of SOC environments and security tools.
Our engineers are available to walk you through the setup, configuration and successfull implementation in your environment.


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