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Build the most reliable and actionable Threat Intelligence

Total Insight LogoFor government & private sector organizations, TotalInsight can help you curate your own threat intelligence to better defend against targeted, custom crafted, and industry specific threats. 
VMRay TotalInsight enables organizations to build tailored threat intelligence against threat landscape they’re facing. TotalInsight is the ultimate solution for Threat Intelligence teams that demand scalability and efficiency in their malware analysis process.
Designed for use by elite security teams, TotalInsight offers a fully autonomous platform that harnesses the power of next-generation sandboxes to produce reliable threat intelligence.

Why VMRay TotalInsight?

With its best-of-breed detection rate and advanced malware configuration extraction, TotalInsight produces reliable and actionable threat intelligence.
VMRay TotalInsight revolutionizes malware analysis by delivering unparalleled accuracy and scalability. With TotalInsight, manual processes, false positives, and delays are a thing of the past.
Our fully autonomous platform is designed to handle almost any size of malware sample feed and convert it into valuable insights.
Ideal for security teams building tailored threat intelligence, TotalInsight provides efficient, effective, and reliable malware analysis.

The Challenges

Endless attack

Threat actors are continuously developing and deploying new malware variants, making it increasingly difficult for security teams to keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Traditional methods of manual analysis and downloading of malware samples from various sources are time-consuming, resource-intensive and are unable to scale with the sheer volume of new malware. This leads to a backlog of unanalyzed samples and missed threat actor campaigns to identify trends and mitigate threats in a timely manner.

In depth analysis 1
The increasing sophistication of malware strains also requires a higher level of technical expertise, making it challenging for Threat Intelligence teams to keep up with the skillset required.
The result is an increased risk of security incidents and potential damage to an organization’s reputation and bottom line.
Comprehensive solution
To address these challenges, there is a need for a more efficient, automated, and effective solution to automate the malware hunting process and extract the necessary information from the samples.
Built on VMRay Platform, TotalInsight offers a solution to these problems by providing a fully autonomous malware config extraction capabilities that helps security teams save time and resources, eliminate the skillset heavy tasks, and improve their threat hunting process.

Use Cases

Threat Intelligence Extraction

Threat Intelligence Extraction and Sharing <Learn More>

Cultivate Intelligence on Targeted and Previously Unseen Threats
For Government agencies, military contractors and large organizations in industry, the breadth of intelligence from commercial threat feed sources is never enough to proactively maintain cyber-defenses.
Organizations developing their own internal programs to curate intelligence can use VMRay to combat any current or future targeted threats.
Automating Incident Response at Scale

Automating Incident Response At Scale <Learn More>

VMRay reduces the workload of manual analyses by 90%!
In Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR), every second counts.
In CSERT organizations, the clarity, speed, and effectiveness of incident response is closely linked to the quality of reporting that is generated from analysis results.

Detection Engineering

Build Smarter Threat Repository

Your Benefits

With advanced monitoring & detection capabilities, configuration extraction, IOC scoring technologies, and API-first approach, TotalInsight enables you to quickly & effectively analyze even the most evasive malware samples and turn them into accurate actionable intelligence.
  • Increased efficiency by freeing analysts from manual work required to extract C2 addresses from malware samples
  • Comprehensive and scaled threat intelligence extraction to stay ahead of the latest threats
  • Easy integration into existing threat intelligence platforms and repositories
  • Complete, accurate and noise-free IOCs
  • Reduce the risk of human error with fully autonomous dynamic analysis capabilities

Next step

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